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PublisherMatch provides authors with a complete publishing directory, with access to some of the most reputable and dynamic book publishers currently in search of new talent to publish. Regardless of the genre authors are interested in publishing; they will find a variety of choices here to get their work from their desks and into the hands of eager readers.

  • Fiction


    One would think it would be easy to write a fictionalized novel. But good fiction often is harder than fact, because fiction relies heavily on the author's imagination and creativity.

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  • Health


    Coming Soon...

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  • Childrens


    Dr. Seuss is one of the best – and certainly the most recognized – children's author in the world. His silly, nonsensical rhymes and stories have captivated children for over half a century.

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  • Art


    Previously, artists had to share their work through exhibitions or in museums. Now, they have the ability to share their work through a printed medium.

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  • Biography / Memoir

    Biography / Memoir

    A biography is defined as an account or detailed description of a person's life that is being written by someone other than the person whose life is being documented.

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  • Business


    There are a lot of would-be authors sitting on the fence, trying to determine if their idea for a book is actually feasible. There are a lot of questions involved in the decision-making process.

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  • Cooking


    Writing and publishing a book about cooking is not unlike following a recipe for a favorite dish. With just the right ingredients, mixed in the right order, authors will have a successful product.

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  • Faith and Spirituality

    Faith and Spirituality

    Imagination certainly is a characteristic required for authors of most genres, but none more than books that focus on faith and spirituality.

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  • History


    Authors who enjoy history may wish to write about it. There are several kinds of historical novels that can be considered for authors who wish to go this route.

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  • Hobby / SpecialInterest

    Hobby / SpecialInterest

    Are you really good at building model cars? Do you have experience making your own jewelry and wish to share it with the world?

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  • Horror / Thriller

    Horror / Thriller

    Stephen King, perhaps one of the most compelling horror story tellers of modern times, agreed with Poe, adding that authors make up the horrors in their books to help them cope with the real ones in life.

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  • Humor / Comedy

    Humor / Comedy

    The world can be a very serious place, which sometimes makes it difficult to find things to laugh about. But laughter often is the best medicine – a secret that comedians have discovered and used to their advantage.

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  • Mystery


    It is only natural for human beings – who are inquisitive by nature – to try to figure out things for themselves. Mysteries, unlike some other genres, have the ability to set the human brain in motion, forcing it to think in order to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

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  • Non-Fiction


    Writing a nonfiction book can be far more challenging than writing a book from another genre. By their very nature, nonfiction books are based on facts, real life events and real people.

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  • Other


    Avid readers are familiar with the many genres of books on the market today, including fiction, nonfiction, mystery, horror and spiritual. But sometimes books do not fit neatly into one genre or another.

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  • Photography


    Most people have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, pictures do not require words at all, as in the case of a book dedicated exclusively to photography.

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  • Poetry


    Collections of poetry can be challenging to get published. The more organized a poet is when compiling their work, the greater the likelihood that they will find a publisher interested in getting that work into the hands of the public.

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  • Religion

    Aside from primary religious books that discuss the dogma and practices of a specific religion, there also are religious-themed novels and manuscripts that can inspire. Sometimes, those books reach readers who were not previously religious, and are influenced enough by what they read to explore further.

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  • Romance


    Most romance novels are created based on the assumption of the perfect love story between two characters. Sometimes there is a love triangle. Sometimes, the main characters must overcome amazing odds in order to be together.

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  • Science Fiction

    Science Fiction

    Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in literature. But while science fiction is one of those genres that allows people to escape into worlds and situations that they likely will never face in their real lives, that doesn't mean that it should be purely fantasy.

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  • Self-Help


    Self-help books are hardly a new phenomenon in the book-publishing world. They've been in existence since before the Civil War, but never have they been more popular than they are now. As of 2001, 2.6 percent of all new book titles were of the self-help genre.

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  • Sports


    Athletics is rife with natural drama, human tension and amazing talent. Is it any wonder, then, that some of the most popular books available revolve around sports?

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  • Travel


    Who hasn't dreamed of visiting exotic places, exploring a new part of the globe with each new trip? While most people undoubtedly dream about a life spent traveling and learning about other places, the reality is that not many people will have the time or finances to do so.

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